10 super foods for athletes

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To be effective during training, to recover energy after a session or simply to keep the line and be in perfect health, here is a list of 10 super foods perfect for confirmed athletes or beginners.

Chia seeds to replenish protein and potassium
Do you think that milk is rich in calcium and that bananas are perfect for potassium? Think again since there is better! Chia seeds contain twice as much potassium as bananas and almost 5 times more calcium than milk. For strong bones , nothing like chia seeds!

Goji berries for vitamin C and antioxidants
Powerful natural antioxidants, goji berries are very rich in iron and protein , which is perfect for blood oxygenation. Concentrated in vitamin C, they also give tone. They are also excellent fat burners .

Acai berries to promote muscle contraction
Acai berries are also known asĀ pure bhb keto antioxidants . They are also concentrated in amino acids that allow the proper functioning of the muscles.

Spirulina: the miracle seaweed for muscle recovery
Composed of 70% protein, spirulina is ideal for athletes and especially fitness enthusiasts. But its benefits do not stop there since it allows muscle recovery after a workout .

Turmeric to accompany your dishes and limit inflammation
Natural anti-inflammatory, turmeric prevents infections .

Bananas to resist the effort
Rich in potassium and vitamins B6, bananas are sources of energy and prevent the appearance of muscle cramps .

Salmon for heart health
The omega 3 content in salmon promotes cardiovascular health essential for a sportsman. But it is also rich in protein, which promotes muscle growth .

The avocado to regulate the blood sugar level
Good fats from avocado reduce the risk of inflammation . In addition, its consumption helps regulate certain hormones, including that of muscle growth.

Carrots against free radicals
Vitamin A and selenium make up the carrot to fight against free radicals produced during exercise.

Eggs to recover after the sport
The 8 amino acids present in the eggs allow the good growth and the good regeneration of the bones and the muscles. They are full of proteins, calcium, iron, phosphorus and zinc, ideal for a sportsman.

Food is important for a sportsman . It allows him to be more or less effective and efficient and to show endurance.

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