5 essential tips to gain muscle

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Do you want to increase your muscle mass? Do you want to achieve the desired results? Well, it’s not as difficult as many people think, there are 5 basic tips to increase muscle size effectively and efficiently. Follow all these instructions and you’ll be on track to increase muscle size.

Set your own goals
First of all you have to establish personal goals in your mind, how much muscle do you want to increase at a certain time? Choose the desired weight and the perimeter of the muscles you want to have. You can create a table and put your initial weight and sizes in it. Each week you can measure your weight and muscle sizes and write them back on the table to see the progress you have made during that week. If you keep your exercise program on a regular basis you will notice a big difference.

Follow a planned diet
Your body absorbs vitamins, nutrients, amino acids and minerals to increase muscle mass. So you should consume foods that contain these elements. Your body also needs calories and protein so you need to eat foods like fish, pork, proflex muscle lamb, chicken meat to get and maintain your strength and energy. Keep in mind that you should not eat junk food like chips, sweets and sodas, which only produce fat in your body.

gain muscle
Do a good workout
To carry out a correct training according to our objectives is essential to gain muscle quickly. Use the exercises that stimulate more muscle groups such as bench press, deadlift and squats. All these will work your entire body and allow you a rapid increase in muscle mass.

Use the supplements

Your body always needs more nutrients and energy before and after exercise, especially in weight training to achieve a good recovery. The best supplements are for example the creatine that will allow you to improve your performance and the volume of your muscles or the BCAA that will allow you to increase your muscle mass in addition to recovering faster. Another good choice is for example the DAA that increases testosterone levels by up to 40%, a very important hormone for muscle gain.

Rest and recuperate
Please, do not exercise too much or put extra strain on the muscles, this advice is essential, since the muscles also need rest and recovery time. The period of time should be between 48 and 72 hours per muscle group , regardless of what it is.

Do not skimp on discipline
Once you set a goal, you should know that you need great discipline to get the desired results. Never skip a workout and perfectly follow your diet and supplementation program, this is what makes the difference between excellent and mediocre results. As the bodybuilder and 6 times Mr. Olimpia Dorian yachts would say : “Moderation in bodybuilding is a vice, moderation in discipline is a failure.”

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