5 exercises to tone your body

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Lose weight, but the important thing is also not to lose our muscle mass at the risk of causing the opposite effect to that sought. So for that, you have to tone your body and train your muscles. It is not mandatory, for this, to do jogging hours.

Some simple exercises and easy to achieve will help you achieve your goals. And if you do not have the time or inclination or the means to get to the gym , here is a five-man exercise program to do at home without a device to firm up your body.

5 exercises to tone your body

Muscle buttocks, thighs and abdominal belt with squats

The squat is an excellent muscle movement that allows you to build and gracefully round the buttocks , to build and melt the cellulite of the thighs and to attack deep abdominals . To achieve the perfect movement and prevent back injuries, start exercising by sitting on an office chair, for example.

As you get to grips with the exercise, Slimlook Forskolin you will be able to get lower and lower on your thighs to make the exercise even more effective. Do two sets of 10 squats a day.

Slots: cardio and bodybuilding at once

The slots allow to work the abs and overall, the entire lower body. Realize the exercise quickly by alternating the legs and for the strongest of you, make cracked lunges: cardio and muscu assured! Twice fifteen slots a day. Harden the exercise with dumbbells.

Pumps for toning arms

This is an exercise as old as the world and little done by women. And yet, to fight against the soft arms, nothing like a few pumps every day to tone the muscles . If the exercise is too difficult at first, realize it by resting on your knees. Start with five pumps a day before increasing little by little.

The perfect exercise to have abs

Forget the crunch and prefer the mountain climber . This exercise will allow you to have a flat stomach and tonic . Put yourself in the position as if you wanted to make pumps but stay straight. Raise your right leg and hold for 30 seconds before resting for 20 seconds and doing the same with the other leg.

Burpees to drool

Here is the exercise to achieve for weight loss. But what is the burpee ? We begin the exercise in squat position. Then, hands on the ground and make a pump. Return to squat position and stand up arms jumping. Perform this exercise 10 times a day and you will quickly see the results.

No need to spend hours in a gym , a few targeted exercises will help you tone your body. However, these exercises are not to be done during pregnancy . In this case, prefer yoga.

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