Avoid aches and pains to lose weight more

Avoid aches and pains to lose weight more
It is difficult when you start the sport keto 6x or return to physical activity after a long period of inactivity to escape aches and pains. These muscular pains are generally revealed the next morning of your workout and will last several days depending on their intensity. Here are some tips to recognize, prevent and relieve muscle contractures.

Recognize stiffness
You have forced more than usual during your last session? Unless you have asked for new parts of your body? Your muscles may call you to order the next morning. With a feeling close to flu syndrome, your muscles are painful, tense, and you find it difficult to contract? If the aches are violent, you may have trouble getting up. The muscular curvature settled on the muscular area where the solicitation was unusual or too intense. Frequent after a stop of the sport or a beginning of activity, these micros muscular traumatisms disappear with the rest after a few days. If the pain persists, then consult your doctor, as muscle trauma may be more important.

Prevent aches
Despite active prevention, it’s hard to avoid muscle aches if you’re pushing hard. To protect your muscles, be sure to warm up. These small warm-up movements will stretch and soften your muscles and tendons before exercise. You better prepare your body, your muscles, your joints and your tendons to face the exercise. A good warm up also protects you from muscle and ligament injuries, tendonitis, tears, stretching. Hydration is essential to the quality and preservation of your muscles. Drink water or rehydrating preparations in small sips throughout the effort and for the next few hours.

Relieve his muscles
Have you ever heard of “scrubbing” sessions? This is a muscle recovery session that is done after a race or an intense match. Great athletes are used to running a small step or a bike ride at a very moderate pace just after the effort. The other muscles are thus relaxed and this avoids a sudden stop of the activity. If you are a beginner, just walk for a few minutes after your jogging for example. Also get into the habit of stretching after exercise. If you experience muscle pain, treat yourself to a warm bath that will relax your muscles. A massage performed with a heating cream will also promote physical recovery.

You think: “I have to be well nil to have so many aches! “? Rest assured, even the greatest sports champions feel muscle pain after intense physical effort and long-term. Put yourself at rest, moderate your efforts and do not worry, your aches will disappear in a few days.

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