Breakfast of the cohen diet

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The Cohen diet relies on freshness and diversity to burn calories efficiently . Since its principle is not based on restriction, you must scrupulously respect the menus, to enjoy a satisfactory result. This is valid from breakfast . It must be said that the effects are palpable in a very short time.

The 1000 kilocalories version
It is a light breakfast par excellence and an ideal compromise to get back on track after an excess. It is divided into two groups: the gluten-free group and the whole wheat flour group .

Cohen gluten-free breakfast idea:
– a cup of hot herbal tea without sugar – a rice and sesame cake – 5 g of margarine

When you are more tolerant to gluten just replace the rice cake with 15 grams of extra fresh bread .

The version at 1600 kcal
To attack the day with full energy the k2 slim keto version in 1600 calories is recommended . As for the 1000 kcal version, it also offers vegetarian menu options with and without gluten. The principle is the same, but the quantities increase: also this version is richer in calcium , magnesium, protein and trace element.

For a gluten-free diet, take:

-a cup of hot sugar-free beverage-65 grams of wheat flour bread- a little margarine -a seasonal fruit-a pot of soy yogurt.

If you do not tolerate gluten and soy just replace the bread with 6 cakes of rice and 0% cottage cheese .

Cohen diet: typical menus to start the day
Questions about the functioning of this diet? I briefly explain how it works in the morning on my side.

I try to stall the contributions between 1200 to 1300 kcal. In my opinion, it is a good compromise to start with pep avoiding the superfluous .- 1 cup of sweet herbal tea with sweetener- 2 patties of rice to avoid gluten- 5g of margarine- 1 jar of yoghurt soy without sugar – 1 fruit

For pancakes, it is best to prepare them yourself thermomix .


-250g of rice-4 glasses of water- A few tablespoons of olive oil. -Salt and pepper


– To brown the rice a few minutes -Add the water, the salt and the pepper-To let cook on low fire, until water absorption-To form the patties-To redor the new pancakes on each side during a few minutes.

Bet on a flawless diet breakfast to quickly lose your unwanted pounds .

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