Does cardio training make you lose weight?

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To practice at home or in the room, whether beginner or confirmed whether you are a woman or a man, want to stay in shape or lose weight, cardio training has only health benefits.

In addition to being effective for weight loss , burning calories , it helps maintain excellent cardiovascular health.

How to lose weight with cardio training?

Working in endurance will force your body to tap into its energy reserves and thus to tap into stored fat. And this happens after only 30 to 40 minutes of moderate to intense work.

To slim down with cardio, a few rulesĀ Keto Buzz must be respected. No need, for example, to start your exercises on an empty stomach , you would run out of energy to finish them. Create your own work schedule with a gradual intensity. No need to exhaust yourself from the first session by forcing too much and wanting to go too fast and too hard.

If you train in a gym, build a circuit that allows you to work in several muscle zones to avoid routine, weariness and therefore boredom. Focus on machines that allow you to work in divided or not arms, back, abs , glutes, legs like the elliptical trainer , the bike, the rower, etc.

Give yourself the pleasure of a jog a week to get some fresh air but now a workout of at least twice 45 minutes a week to see the results. If you are pregnant , do not hesitate to turn to yoga , a mild but intense cardio sport.

What is cardiotraining?

The benefits of sport are no longer to be demonstrated in terms of our health and our weight. And cardio training is a more than effective method for burning fat . If you are not very fitness, cardio training is an ideal solution for you.

It will allow you to burn between 300 and 600 kcal per hour depending on your morphology, the sport exercised and the intensity of the exercise. But what is cardiotraining? This activity simply includes so-called endurance sports , thus working the heart and the cardiovascular system.

Among these sports, we obviously found the race distance , the rower , the boxing , the rope skipping , the kickboxing but also forĀ Keto Buzz REVIEWS team sport enthusiasts, handball or basketball . Some will practice themselves in a gym or bodybuilding while others can be followed in the form of courses .

Not very binding for the body but of a formidable efficiency when one is disciplined, the cardio training is an ideal solution to lose weight.

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