Castor oil against stretch marks?

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In the past, poultices were made to relieve all sorts of ailments. Today, she always makes dream lashes and silky hair: it is castor oil, extracted from the shrub of the same name.

But this natural product also takes care of your skin, to fight against stretch marks that ruin your life after your diet . Our opinion on its effects.

Castor oil against stretch marks, what’s the point?
Often concentrated on the breasts, belly or hips, stretch marks are deep tears of the dermis. Once present, they are very difficult¬†keto drox to erase . However, fade them to the maximum, it’s possible!

Repairing, castor oil can help your skin heal better, but not only: with lightening properties, it can also restore its original color in case of recent mottling, red or purplish.

How to apply castor oil on the skin?
Castor oil has a flaw: its very thick texture. To make its use more pleasant, it is better to associate it with a second vegetable oil . Here is a particularly simple homemade recipe:


– 50 ml of organic argan oil – 50 ml of castor oil bio – 1 vial of 100 ml amber glass


– Mix the two ingredients in the bottle (use a funnel to lose nothing in the transfer!). You bought spray oils? Make an express mixture directly in the hand: a few drops of each bottle are enough for an application.

That’s it, your anti-stretch mark massage oil is ready! For a quick before-after result, apply it daily to the areas affected by mottling. Massage vigorously.

Without essential oils, this mixture can be used in pregnant women.

Castor oil is good for everything! His other properties
With its lightening properties, castor oil is very useful to reduce all kinds of skin spots, including the famous pregnancy mask.

Softening, it is also the ally of sensitive or itchy skins . It would also have the property of killing microbes, making it a purifying oil.

Finally, castor oil has draining properties. In case of heavy legs and varicose veins, it can contribute to your well-being keto drox by relieving the symptoms of lazy lymphatic circulation.

If natural care seduces you, castor oil may become a must in your bathroom. To enjoy its benefits on stretch marks, make a quick cure!

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