Eat after sport to gain muscle?

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After a workout , the body is perfectly prepared to accommodate nutrients that will relieve the muscles that have been solicited: this is why it is important to choose the foods that we will swallow post-workout if we wants to take beautiful muscles!

Why eat after the bodybuilding session?
Raising the cast iron or doing tractions, these are exercises where one deliberately causes micro-tears of the muscles in the hope of gaining volume and, by limiting the supply of fat, to better draw them.

We have to satiate ourselves properly to facilitate the recovery period . Rest and nutrition are the key to an impressive and well-designed muscle mass and not just an intensive workout!

However, it is strongly discouraged slimquick keto to go to play fasting sports under the pretext of typing faster in fat: your workout will not be optimal and you will tire quickly.

Good proteins for mass gain: what to eat?
Proteins, whether animal or plant, help maintain our muscle mass by nourishing the fibers of our muscles through amino acids from assimilation. The purest sources of protein are:

– Meats (especially lean meats such as turkey or chicken) – Fish and shellfish – Skimmed milk, 0% cottage cheese – Eggs (especially whites that concentrate the most naturally pure proteins) – Crustaceans – Tofu – Lentils, Quinoa, Chickpea

How long after the workout can you eat? Immediately is the best!
We can also for those who go to sport in the day swallow in liquid form whey protein shakers that digest even more easily because they are not made to the body in solid form.

If you have also been doing an intense cardio workout during the same session , walk or run, raise your glycogen level by combining good carbohydrate proteins such as whole grapes with sweet potato.

To avoid absolutely not to grow:

– Meats such as charcuterie – cheeses made from cow’s milk such as Camembert cheese .

For a snack that boosts while waiting for the evening meal, try to combine a slice of wholemeal bread , a spoon of peanut butter and a banana , this should allow you to hold before a good balanced meal at home at night.

What to eat at night?
Start by eating a sweet, liquid or solid food to increase your insulin levels. This will have the effect of then facilitating the assimilation of the proteins that you will eat. This may be a fruit or juice type grape juice . Then eat to your hunger but especially balanced.

Sample menu:

– 200 gr of grilled chicken without skin – 100 gr of rice or basmati type – 200 gr of green vegetables (broccoli, beans …) – 1 apple

If your session was intensive and you feel the need to eat just before bedtime, be careful not to eat anything fat and opt instead for an omelette (a whole egg and 2 white) and a bowl of sugar-free cottage cheese . This protein intake should allow your body to nourish your muscles without disrupting your sleep.

With a healthy breakfast already made with protein and good carbs in the morning to prepare for your workout, you should quickly reach your bodybuilding goals.

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