How to lose 10 kg in 14 days?

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Losing 10 pounds in two weeks: there are many extreme diets that promise such a fast weight loss. But losing this weight permanently and without putting your health at risk is another pair of sleeves …

How to lose 10 kg in 14 days

So what to do to lose 14 kilos?

The normal rate of weight loss is usually 500 grams per week: count from 5 to 7 months to gently eliminate 14 pounds. To lose weight permanently, turn to a dietician or to long-term programs like Weight Watchers . They help develop new habits, especially after a birth or a period of loss of control.

Sport allows you to lose weight a little faster. Cardio and fitness are very effective , especially with a coach, just like the elliptical trainer or treadmill that burns calories quickly. To avoid getting tired, try running or jogging by changing the route regularly.

The tempting promises of diets and miracle ingredients

10 kilos less in 14 days: this is what some extreme low-calorie diets boast about. The cabbage soup diet promises to easily lose upĀ Ez3 Keto to 8 pounds a week . The various fat burner on the market also boast of staggering results without deprivation , up to 5 pounds lost per week.

The diet chrononutrition boasts of losing up to 2 pounds of lost the first week and 1 kilo per week thereafter. The high-protein diet Dukan promises a loss of 3 to 4 pounds during the first week and 1 kilogram each week after. Rumors also make it easy to lose weight by drinking lemon water or becoming a vegetarian.

These impressive figures are possible, although especially concerning someone young, very active and very overweight.

So many pounds so quickly: is it reasonable?

Drastic diets are a shock and stress for the body . It reacts by increasing appetite and storing fat to restore the balance it is used to. We finally win more pounds than we had lost …

These programs also rely on an unbalanced and counter-intuitive diet: too much protein that tires the kidneys , too much fruit and vegetables that provide only a part of the necessary nutrients, few good fats that stimulate the mind … Trouble of health and downsizing are to be expected.

In addition, rapid weight loss does not give the skin time to firm up. Result: bulges in the belly and skin dull and drooping …

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