Man: What sport at home to lose weight?

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As a man, your body reacts in a very specific way and that’s why you will not be slouching in the same way as a woman. In terms of food, the rules do not differ much. Monitor your diet for optimal results.

On the other hand, for the sport, you will have to opt for adapted exercises. If you do not have time to go to a club or a gym and want to work on your body at home, you will have to combine two types of physical activity to lose weight  : cardio and bodybuilding ( including sheathing). ).

What training to put in place to lose weight?

To lose weight permanently, you must work your cardio. For this, you will have to use a fitness machine rowing type, stepper, exercise bike or even a treadmill. With these exercises, you will mainly solicit your buttocks but also your legs and the entire abdominal strap.

The benefit of cardio is to increase your breathing capacity and improve your heart rate. It is a work of substance, endurance, which will help you prepare your body to burn your fat in a sustainable way.

The bodybuilding part is what burns calories in large quantities and it requires a minimum of equipment. It can be provided by a basic session of buttocks, pumps and sheathing. Unmissable movements to which you can add dumbbells, skipping rope or shadow boxing.

How to do it if I am a beginner?

Thanks to the internet and your smartphone, it’s easy, you will not miss any advice, idea or follow-up. You will know how to do it and will be able to go solo without risk. You will easily find a detailed video to guide you.

It’s often free and suitable for x. Similarly, you can download an application to track your progress and count calories burned . Know that it will work for at least 1 hour for your session to be effective in terms of thinness.

It’s only after 30 minutes that your body will tap into your fat reserves to function . Repeat your exercises at least three or four times a week to see fast progress.

Will I lose weight overall or can I choose the areas to work?

This is a question you will have to answer before you begin: what is your goal ? Would you like an intense sport program? What is your level of motivation? To refine your silhouette in a global way, be sure to alternate a large number of exercises and avoid routine.

To lose belly or any other part of the body, what to do? It will be necessary to select a program particularly soliciting this or that muscle.

The cladding will work at the belly for example while shadow boxing and dumbbells will help you eliminate fat in the upper body and arms . The bike or treadmill acts on the thigh or hips primarily.

Will I lose weight fast?

By eating healthy and practicing several times a week, it is reasonable to expect to lose between one and two kilos a week. Do not be too impatient, overtraining or starvation would only lead to various problems  : injuries, deficiencies, extreme fatigue …

To build and refine, you need to establish a specific program and stick to it. Be careful though, it is not recommended to do sports every day, recovery is an integral part of a workout.

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