Régime Montignac: advantages and disadvantages?

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GI low: if this notion does not tell you anything, it’s time for you to learn more about the Montignac diet! No more tedious calorie counting: with this approach, the key is to limit carbohydrates.

Effective or not? Our opinion on a diet that has many advantages – and some disadvantages.

Lose weight without hunger with the Montignac method
Unlike many other slimming diets, the Montignac method does not advocate calorie limitation . One almost thinks to dream: finally a diet which does not give hunger! Even fat can be consumed at will.

But be careful: some foods are not allowed, or in very small quantities. Farewell added sugar, but also baguette, shells, sticky rice and nutrix slim keto ripe bananas. Because if the Montignac diet promotes weight loss, it is thanks to the limitation of carbohydrates.

The golden rule is to oust all those who have a high glycemic index , which has the effect of greatly increasing the blood sugar level. A real weaning for sugar addicts and pasta, who may struggle to follow this food line.

Régime Montignac: the results are here!
The Montignac diet works, and that’s the essence. Even by abusing sardines , omelettes, avocados, and very very complete bread. Its author, Michel Montignac, is the best proof of this: by eating at low GI, he lost his 16 kilos too much!

On the other hand, the evolution of nutrition knowledge makes it necessary to correct some of the principles of his diet: for example, replacing sugar with fructose is no longer on the agenda . Subject to many criticisms, this substitute, if consumed at high doses, would increase the risk of overweight …

Montignac diet and health: goodbye fatigue and cholesterol!
From its conception, the Montignac method aimed not only at losing weight, but also at improving health.

Thus, if fatigue accompanies many slimming diets , this is not the case with the low GI diet. It would be rather the opposite: by maintaining a stable blood sugar, you observe that your energy is too. No more pumping!

But the Montignac diet is also known to lower the rate of bad cholesterol , as well as to fight against constipation. Its asset: its high fiber content, contained in particular in whole grains. The sensitive intestines, on the other hand, will not necessarily appreciate …

“Is the Montignac diet right for me? Everything really depends on you: it’s a good method for those who are willing to go without sugar without having to endure hunger. If you digest quite well, it is to test, because its results are proven!

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