Running when it’s cold does it lose weight?

When it’s winter we really do not want to go jogging in the cold and under the snow or frost. We tend to settle for a small race on the mat or no race at all because the duvet is so hot.

Well here’s something to motivate you to get out of your home and avoid the treadmill or the gym: the cold, it helps to lose weight. Here’s everything you need to know about this way to slim down more with less effort.

Running when it's cold does it lose weight

Running in cold weather burns more calories

And yes, going for a daily jog in the middle of winter is full of benefits for those who want to lose weight. The ideal temperature is 5 ° C so that your body burns a lot of fat with the same type of training as usual.

How is this explained? Just because running while temperatures are low allows the body to release the brown fat that has an effect Keto Slim Rx burning calories . This seems paradoxical, but brown fats are the good fats that help the body function . Depending on the metabolism, the amount of calories eliminated can be doubled. What more ?

Precautions to take

Running in cold temperatures requires some precautions including the obligation to drink water because even if it is not hot, your body needs water to function normally.

Then put on appropriate clothing that will keep you warm, but that will allow your perspiration to evaporate so that your skin breathes. Also wear running shoes with crampons to avoid slipping on the ice. And of course, warm up to limit the risk of injury.

Other benefits

Running can improve breathing by opening the bronchi and lungs, with low temperatures, your performance will be higher and you can prepare your next competitions.

In addition, the advantage of running Keto Slim Rx in winter is that your body will produce serotonin, which is the hormone of happiness. The winter days will be shorter and you will avoid small depressions due to bad weather.

running is great for keeping a body healthy and losing weight and doing it in the winter will allow you to see effects more quickly. Be careful not to catch a cold and get well. Accompany your efforts to a healthy diet where fats, sugar and alcohol are limited and you will see that your figure will be perfect .

You can complete your shopping with some abs exercises in the comfort of your home or swim.

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