The skipping rope to lose weight calves?

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Losing pounds in a particular area is difficult.

Indeed, during a slimming process, the body will lose fat in all areas in general. And to reach this stage, the best exercises to practice are the cardio exercises.

The skipping rope is an extremely effective exercise for losing weight in general and refining the knurls. This is therefore an slimquick keto ideal practice for anyone who loves fine calves.

Why skipping rope is losing calves?
First, from a practical point of view, jumping rope is a simple exercise that does not require expensive equipment or travel to be able to do. Indeed, this is an activity that can be practiced at home and therefore is not limited by the constraints of travel and time that accompany it.

And second, it is the calorie-burning sport par excellence . By its nature, this exercise sets in motion most of the muscles of the body and especially the muscles of the thighs, legs and of course the calves. Therefore, in addition to losing weight, it helps refine the knurls and tone the muscles in addition to improving endurance.

My training program for slimming calves
In order to lose weight in general, in addition to refine the calves, it is necessary to couple the skipping rope with an exercise such as running to optimize weight loss : – Start with stretching legs, thighs and legs. – Light jog 15 minutes to warm up – 10 minutes of skipping rope – 5 minutes of step using a stepper or stair step – 10 minutes of skipping rope – Jogging light- 10 minutes of skipping rope

It is possible to vary the exercises between skipping sessions to integrate other muscles but focus mainly on the lower body. Respect the regularity is also necessary: ​​3 to 4 per week with 24 to 48 hours of rest between sessions.

Moreover, in order to optimize the results, it is necessary to accompany these exercises with a balanced diet based on: – White meat / seafood – Vegetables rich in fiber – Green tea or substitute – Fruits- Eggs and others high protein foods

Added value for skipping rope
It should be known that the knobs play a primordial role in the blood circulation due to their pump function to raise the blood to the heart. The jump rope to work both the calves and the heart makes it an ideal candidate for exercise at once slimming but just as healthy.

To conclude, although it is difficult for anyone to lose weight in a single area, it is possible to lose all over the body. The skipping rope slimquick keto can help this goal by emphasizing the lower part of the body and allows for thighs, legs and calves refined.

However, as in any diet program, diet plays a fundamental role in obtaining and maintaining these calves refined and it is necessary to have a strong self-discipline to be able to meet it to the end.

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