Sports program for beginners

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Finding the most suitable sports program for your needs is not always easy, especially when you are a beginner. Here are some pointers on the ideal fitness techniques so that you can work your body efficiently at the right pace , and better target the majority of muscle groups.

Squats are among the most recommended types of sport for beginners. Thanks to the bending movements of the legs while standing, this type of challenge requires the thighs, especially the hamstrings during the descent, that is to say the flexion, and the quadriceps at the time of extension , that is, uphill .

Squats can also work other muscles namely the abductors when the movement is performed correctly, as well as the adductors. To properly perform squat movements , you must stand upright and spread your feet to the width of the pelvis, ensuring that the tips of the feet are aligned with the thighs and legs.

With arms crossed, hands on shoulders natura farms keto and elbows facing up, bend your legs bringing the buttocks to a level parallel to the ground , before returning to the starting position. The exercise is to be repeated in two sets of 15 to 20 movements, with 30 seconds of rest between each series in circuit.

The pumps
Pumps, ie the extension of the arms, with the knees as a fulcrum are among the basic exercises for beginners . With the help of a coach in the gym, they solicit the shoulders and triceps at the moment of extension, that is to say, the rise, the pectoral muscles, the dorsals during the descent called negative face as well as the lumbar and abdominal. It should be noted that the pumps must be made in the state of the art, to avoid back pain.

To do this, start by adopting the right starting position by leaning on your knees and hands that should be wider than the shoulders. Be careful, however, that the elbows are facing outwards. Bring the chest down to the floor, bending your arms, and then go up gently, avoiding to lock the joints .

Horizontal draft
This exercise, also called sitting arm flexion, works on the back muscles, middle and lower trapezius, rhomboid, biceps, back of the shoulders and lumbar muscles. So, how? Place yourself in a sitting position, keeping your back perfectly straight, while respecting its natural curves. Then put the rubber band on your feet, making sure your legs stay well bent .

With your arms tight, begin by bending them and bringing your elbows back. Then return to the initial position, avoiding the arm lock. Like the two previous programs, this exercise is to be done in 2 sets of 15 to 20 repetitions, with a rest period of 30 seconds between them .

For fitness and physical activity to be effective, and to achieve well-defined goals, it is important to correctly and motivatedly achieve all planned movements in each program. Also pair them with a healthy , balanced diet , with fewer calories to maximize their effects, and easily lose fat.

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