What not to do in bed

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Eighteen very honest women talk about what you do and what you say in bed that makes you less virile.
Do you want to know what you will find if you type the word “wimp” in Google? “A weak and cowardly person or without daring”. Synonyms ? Other than cowardly and wimpy, they are strangely castrating as “gnangnan”, “tantouse” and words that you have never heard as “soft” and “mop”.

Is that how you want a girl to describe you in bed? Absolutely not ! So stop anticipating, erasing yourself and avoiding conversation and confrontation. Consider the advice of these 18 extraordinarily sincere women who have defined scenarios and traits that they believe make a man zero at stake.

Warning: ALWAYS make sure that she is consenting and that you are on the same wavelength . There is a big difference between being a “man” and making a woman uncomfortable.

“It’s very unattractive when a man does not trust him, his body and what he does.” – Alex W.

“If he’s too afraid to give me what I ask. I tarvos testo like men who take things in hand because this power attracts me. – Danielle C.

“To be selfish. Not being manly enough to love making things hot between your partner and you is a weakness. – Erin K.

“I hate when a man says” whatever you want “in bed. It was my choice to bring you here, now it’s your turn to take control. ” – Julia C.

“When he does not speak and does not say what he wants or how he wants it”. -Melissa C.

“If he never takes control”. – Lauren P.

“Warn that it will not be long”. -Lauren R.

“I do not know if it’s necessarily a wuss but I find that the lack of verbal communication is a little frustrating. I do not like to guess what he likes. Tell me ! “. – Athena L.

“Please, do not try to make love to me”. – Sarah H.

“When he does not take chances or simply when he does not know how to make you cum, and complains about it”. – Jackie W.

“Do not trust, talk too much and do not take control of the situation.” – Rachael F.

“Do not ask for a blowjob if you do not return the favor”. – Sarah G.

“If I think he’s still too cautious and too conventional. Yes, respect the woman with whom you are, of course, but it’s super sexy to surprise her with new things and take some initiatives. – Tiffany K.

“Premature ejaculation. No girl wants a sexual act to last only two minutes. – Alexa P.

“Do not be dominant enough.” – Carly G.

“When men do not take control and are nervous about changing positions. Sometimes it’s cute that they do not really know each other, but after a while, it becomes unattractive. ” – Christina S.

“When you propose to try something new and answer” Why? »». – Nicole C.

“Do not ask me” Is it good? “. Believe me, you’ll know if it is or not. “

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